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Sweet. Funny. Inspiring. A Little Random...

And a Whole Lot of Fun!

The Gumball Lottery is a delicious assortment of 61 poems, packed into 110 pages of imaginative kid appeal. As young readers giggle their way through the pages, parents and educators will delight in the inspirational messages sprinkled throughout poems of varying lengths and styles.


Some of these sweet poems include:

  • Find Your THING

  • Do Unicorns Say Neigh?

  • The Day the Pigs Learned How to Fly

  • Francine & Her Tambourine

  • My Pet Potato

  • Rainbow Soup

  • The Legend of Marco Pollo

  • Wrangle Up A Dream

  • Clothes for Christmas (A Haiku)

  • A...Sloth...Named...Bill

  • Yes, Narwhals Are Real!

  • This is Not The End


And many, many more! 

In the title poem, "The Gumball Lottery," a hopeful kiddo takes a chance in pursuit of a yummy prize.

"In this game of hope and chance,

There's a lesson to be had--

When you don't get what you want

Sometimes it's not so bad.

In fact, sometimes it's even better."

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